CAMELOT: Study Design

CAMELOT: Study Design

A Morbidity and Mortality Study

CAMELOT: Primary End Point

Time to first composite major CV event (MACE):

  • CV death
  • Nonfatal MI
  • Resuscitated cardiac arrest
  • Need for coronary revascularization
  • Hospitalization for:
  1. Angina
  2. CHF
  3. PVD procedure
  • Stoke (fatal or nonfatal) or TIA
  • PVD (new diagnosis)

CAMELOT: Secondary End Points  

  • Individual MACE components of the primary end point
  • Requirement for revascularization in vessels that have undergone stenting at baseline
  • All-cause mortality
  • Correlation between change from baseline in BP and time to first MACE

– Rate of MACE tabulated by categories of mean SBP reduction

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